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DAGchain Technology

Our novel Distributed Ledger Technology powers our platforms. It’s what gives us our edge.

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Introducing the DAGchain®

Saving time and money, increasing security and creating entirely new business models.

DAGchain technology combines DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technology with blockchain technology to create a high-performance hybrid infrastructure for industry. Transactions are grouped into blocks which are stored in a database of full nodes. Full nodes sync blocks once validators reach consensus and that is done using our novel consensus algorithm.

DAGchain™ Features

The DAGchain is a multipurpose Distributed Ledger Technology architecture. It powers both our industry platforms and our interoperability platform.

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High Performance

The DAGchain is built to handle over 20,000 transactions per second with confirmation times of 0.5s. These are boundaries we're already pushing further. Efficiency, speed and scalability are essential.

Enterprise Grade

The DAGchain was built to exceed business requirements. It fulfils the all-important needs for speed, scalability and security while ensuring stable prices and predictable fees, and being fully GDPR compliant.

Future Proof

The DAGchain leverages distributing computing power and PQC (Post Quantum Cryptography) to ensure its long-term viability. It's also built to fit a sustainable future by not requiring large amounts of energy to operate.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts on peaq are used to execute all sorts of business logic depending on the particular use case. Smart Contracts can be programmed in any programming language compiled with WASM (WebAssembly).

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DLT meets AI

A novel and unique approach to achieving consensus.

The DAGchain uses the ADDBFT (AI Delegated DAG Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus algorithm - also developed in-house. Our AI powered, decentralized algorithm follows best practices of Byzantine Fault Tolerance by Tendermint, Optimisation Methods and elements of Proof-of-Stake.

Set new standards with us.

If you represent a forward thinking company with a plan for how Distributed Ledger Technology could revolutionise your industry, we want to hear about it. Get in touch with us to find out how you can leverage peaq for your business today.