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Decentralized Infrastructure

We provide public and private network infrastructure for all kinds of solutions.

Enterprise Platforms

The backbone for decentralized solutions and applications.

Enterprise platforms are the highly scalable, secure and efficient neutral business infrastructure upon which solutions are built. They allow all stakeholders to govern and maintain the ecosystems they create - enabling new ways of collaborating and doing business.

peaq blockchain platform
peaq dagchain blockchain technology

Interoperability Platform

The interoperability platform unites enterprise platforms and solutions.

The interoperability platform allows for seamless, cross-industry value exchange and an impenetrable layer of security and transparency. It's a fully decentralized public network merging enterprise ecosystems into one.

peaq access control

peaq access control

Decentralized permission and access control system that enables streamlined, transparent cross-system access control management of all access points via one platform.

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peaq e mobility platform

e-mobility platform

We’ve been working with a world leading car manufacturer for over two years on an e-mobility platform that will drastically increase demand for electric vehicles in Germany, Europe and the world.

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peaq iot billing

peaq IoT roaming

We’re working with leading telecommunications providers on a pay-per-use billing and roaming platform for IoT networks. The platform will be operated by all stakeholders and will solve critical industry-limiting issues with settlements and billing.

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peaq console

Set up your platforms independently.

We all use the internet. Understanding  how it works is not a prerequisite. We're making the same true for Distributed Ledger Technology.

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peaq public platform

Get started with peaq. Gain an edge.

peaq’s platform technology is already being used by some of the world’s influential companies and leaders. Wherever you are on your decentralization journey, we will guide you to where you want to be.