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token economy

Taking Distributed Ledger Technology to the peak of its potential

A New Breed of DLT

Combining all the best ideas and innovations. A fusion between Blockchain Technology and DAG Architecture (Directed Acyclic Graph).

Taking Tokenization Beyond Blockchain

peaq is breaking the chains of traditional DLT systems to bring the power and potential of tokenization to the real world.

What will peaq enhance and enable?
Digital Identity
Distributed Cloud Storage
Loyalty Programs
Industry 4.0
Smart Contracts
Payments and Money Transfers
Near-Instant Transactions
The evolution of Distributed Ledger Technology


The introduction of the first Blockchain



Blockchain-based Smart Contracts



A Scalable Alternative to Blockchain



Smart Contracts fit for the Real World

A new standard in DLT: the peaq protocol

No Centralized Mining

The innovative DLT architecture underlying peaq guards against the threat of centralization typically posed by mining.


The biggest issue with blockchain so far has been scalability. peaq improves on traditional systems immeasurably.


The peaq protocol is not industry specific. It can be adapted to suit virtually any application across all industries and markets.

Cost Efficiency

Peaq achieves consensus with minimal waste of resources. It uses less energy and costs less to conduct transactions with peaq.

A Technology Developed By:

nakamo.to is a Distributed Ledger Technology firm based in Berlin focusing on research and development, with a special focus on novel DLT systems.


Connecting real world companies with Distributed Ledger Technology solutions. Taking the peaq protocol to the corporate world.


Partners / Investors

We'll be handpicking early stage investors and strategic partners.

If you feel you or your organization has value to offer the peaq project, please get in touch.

Fill out the form or email us directly on:

E-Mail: contact@peaq.io

Contribute to the peaq project:


We've just opened our doors to people who'd like to contribute to the project.
Feel free to apply if your skills are in line with requirements.

Required skills:

- Background in cryptography or networking
- Knowledge of C++ and either Rust or Elixir
- javascript would be a plus
- 5+ years of dev experience
- use of Git / Github / Gitlab
- Unix
- Unit testing
- Excellent communication and documentation skills
- Blockchain experience

Apply here:

Please upload your CV and application letter as a PDF

Pioneering a new approach. Here's a draft of our first white paper.