peaq products

Blockchain Based Products

We work side by side with our customers and partners to develop cutting edge products for IoT use-cases in the automotive, telecommunications and machine industries - powered by our peaq platform technology.

peaq product layers

End to End.

What makes a peaq product?

peaq products consist of three layers; application, enterprise platform and public platform. As one of the only end-to-end Blockchain-as-a-Service companies in the world, we develop all three layers creating value at every level. Saving you precious resources while bringing better products to market - faster.

peaq access control

Manage all your access control systems from one place.

We worked hand-in-hand with industry leaders to develop the world’s first fully functional blockchain based access control system. peaq access control solves major pain points in access management, saving costs and enabling never seen before functionalities. Find out how your company can benefit today.

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peaq access control blockchain product
peaq iot roaming blockchain product

peaq iot roaming

Pay-per-use billing and roaming for IoT networks.

We’re working with leading telecommunications providers on a blockchain based IoT roaming platform. The platform will be operated by all stakeholders and will solve critical industry-limiting issues with settlements and billing. Stay tuned.

Set new standards with us.

If you represent a forward thinking company with an idea for how blockchain could revolutionise your industry, we want to hear about it.
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