Brought together by a common vision for a blockchain enabled world.
Driven by a deep ambition to make the unthinkable our reality.

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Why we do what we do

The Internet of Things will be defined by hyper connectivity, decentralisation and autonomy. A seismic shift in the way we exchange value, conduct business, govern ourselves and interact with one another on the most fundamental levels. The products, businesses and economies of this new age demand digital platform infrastructure that enables open collaboration, better governance and unrestricted trust. We provide this infrastructure.

Founders & Non-Executive Directors

The founding team have been working together for over four years, each bringing their own key skillsets, particular experiences and passion for entrepreneurship to the table. The founders and Non-Execs work closely on strategic matters.

Till Wendler

Chief Executive Officer

Till has years of experience as CEO having founded and successfully exited startups in the past. He received a full paid scholarship from California East Bay in the Silicon Valley before entering the blockchain space in 2014, where he's focused ever since.

Leonard Dorlöchter

Chief Product Officer

Leonard studied Business Informatics at the TU Berlin, has held senior product management positions and founded tech ventures. He has worked on several high profile projects combining his passion for entrepreneurship with his excellent technical understanding.

Max Thake

Chief Marketing Officer

Max founded and co-founded a number of ventures using decentralized technologies and wrote a book on the history of cryptocurrencies in 2018 . He's able to explain complex concepts simply and has envisioned the peaq brand into what it is today.

Julia Pönitzsch

Chief Growth Officer

Julia has a BA in Int'l Business from the University of Maastricht and an MA in Governance, Leadership & Democracy Studies from the Institute for Political Studies in Lisbon. She also spent a year at the University of Oxford researching decentralized governance.

Michael Ganser

Non-Executive Director

Michael spent over twenty years with Cisco holding several prominent positions including Senior Vice President (SVP) of Cisco Central Europe, SVP of Cisco DACH, CEO & SVP of Cisco Germany and CEO & General Manager of Cisco Switzerland, among others.

Michael Geike

Non-Executive Director

Michael is a mathematician with over six years of experience as Vice President of Exotics & Hybrids at JP Morgan. Michael also worked with Zalando where he led teams of data scientists and AI specialists before joining OBI. He’s currently CEO of Advanced Blockchain.

Advisory Board

Our world-class advisory board team consists of experienced professionals from some of the world’s leading companies. The diversity and strength of our team as a whole is one of our greatest assets and we’re proud to introduce our advisors below.

Michael Jackson


Michael is the former COO of Skype where he was responsible for scaling of the tech giant’s paid services to over $150m in under three years. He brings experience in managing high growth operations and complex IT environments. Michael currently serves as a Non-Executive Director for Volvo and AXA.

Xavier Sarras


Xavier is the mind behind the 'Experience Quotient', having shaped the brand experiences of hundreds of clients including BMW, WELLA, Procter & Gamble and the Economist as founder and group CEO of 029. Xavier is also an Advisor to the Kairos Society and ChefsList and a Partner at TEN.

Friedrich Neuman


Friedrich is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded the Berlin based company builder MAKERS, which built and invested in 15 startups before being acquired by Deloitte Digital. Prior to that, Friedrich scaled a Rocket Internet venture to over 120 employees in 20 countries acting as a Global Co-Founder.